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The coronavirus pandemic already leaves more than 600,000 deaths worldwide

Exceeds 14 million infections after registering 242,000 cases in the last hours

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has crossed two tragic thresholds in recent hours: the 600,000 deaths and the 14 million infections worldwide, according to the latest update on Saturday by Johns Hopkins University.

Specifically, since the start of the crisis, a total of 602,695 deaths and 14.1 million infections have been registered in 188 countries around the planet, according to the estimate updated at 09:30 this Saturday.

The United States accumulates 3.64 million cases after adding 71,600 new positives in the last 24 hours, close to the daily maximum in the historical series. The United States is also the country with the most fatalities, with 139,266 deaths.

Brazil – with more than two million positives and 77,851 deaths, including 34,200 new cases from the previous balance – is instead the country with the most recovered patients, with 1.42 million people saved, while the United States accumulates more than a million patients discharged.

India, for its part, already exceeds the threshold of one million infections with 26,273 deaths, after registering almost 35,000 positives in the last 24 hours, also very close to its historical record for daily computation.

Then, Russia accumulates 758,001 cases and 12,106 deaths. In fifth position is Peru, with 345,537 positives and 12,799 deaths, followed by South Africa, which accumulates 337,594 infections and 4,804 deaths, and by Mexico, with 331,298 positives and 38,310 deaths.

For its part, Chile has 326,439 infected people and 8,347 deaths, while the United Kingdom has 294,803 people with coronavirus and 45,318 fatalities.

Then, Iran accumulates 269,440 positives and 13,791 deaths, ahead of Pakistan, with 261,917 infected and 5,522 deceased, and Spain, with 260,255 infected and 28,420 deaths.

Saudi Arabia (245,851 cases and 2,407 deaths), Italy (243,967 cases and 35,028 deaths), Turkey (217,799 cases and 5,458 deaths), France (211,943 infections and 30,155 deaths) and Germany (202,355 positives and 9,090 deaths) close the list of countries that exceed the threshold of 200,000 confirmed cases.

Below the threshold of 200,000 cases are Bangladesh (199,357), Colombia (182,140), Argentina (119,301), Canada (111,559), Qatar (105,898) and the Netherlands (103,136) that exceed 100,000 COVID-19 patients.

Iraq (88,171 cases) and Egypt (86,474) overtake China on Friday, the country where the pandemic originated and which accumulates 85,314 positives. Following are Indonesia, Sweden, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Oman, Belgium, the Philippines, Ukraine, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Panama and the Dominican Republic have exceeded 50,000 cases. They have more than 40,000 Portugal, Israel and Singapore.

For their part, Poland, Romania, Bahrain, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Armenia, Guatemala, Switzerland and Honduras have already registered more than 30,000 positives, while Azerbaijan, Ghana, Ireland, Japan, Algeria and Moldova and Serbia exceed 20,000.

Austria, Nepal, Morocco, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Australia, El Salvador, Venezuela and Sudan have registered more than 10,000 positives.

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