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Victor Victor, the giant of Dominican music, dies by Covid-19

A feeling of loneliness runs through the streets of Santo Domingo after learning of the death of Víctor Víctor, one of the most recognized Dominican singers and one of the first to internationalize bachata. He was 71 years old and has died the victim of COVID-19. He sang alongside music giants and composed songs for artists of the stature of Celia Cruz, Angela Carrasco, Azúcar Moreno or Dyango. His theme “Nightstand” conquered millions of hearts.

He was admitted to the hospital on the 9th day with respiratory problems, but before suffering the coronavirus claw, he suffered the economic consequences of the pandemic. On Twitter, he thanked a well-known artistic promoter for his support of Dominican musicians and singers. On the welcome page of this same social network, he left a message that sounds foreboding today: “I die every night and rise again every morning.”

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