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WHO says Covid-19 could be airborne in closed, crowded, and poorly ventilated places

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that, although there is no solid scientific evidence, it is possible that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through the air in closed, crowded and poorly ventilated places.

Experts from the United Nations agency have spoken like this at a press conference, after 239 experts from 32 countries have warned that the coronavirus could be transmitted by air, and regretted that the transmission of the coronavirus in the air has been underestimated in interiors.

“We recognize that there is increasing evidence in this field, as well as in many others related to this coronavirus. Therefore, we must be open to these findings and understand their implications on the way the virus is transmitted and the precautions that must be taken” , has indicated the coordinator of Infection Prevention of the WHO, Benedetta Allegranzi.

In fact, she has reported that they are already working with many of the experts who have launched the alert and has underlined the need to confirm her hypothesis and, in addition, to know the dose of the virus that is necessary to catch it.

“These are fields of study that are growing and where evidence is emerging, but that is not yet definitive and that is why the possibility of airborne transmission in public spaces, especially in specific conditions such as crowded, closed and with poor ventilation, it cannot be ruled out. But the evidence must be interpreted and we support this process, “said the expert, after recalling that the WHO recommends adequate ventilation in closed areas.

The WHO will shortly publish a scientific summary of all the possibilities currently being studied for the transmission of the new coronavirus. Furthermore, it is already working with a “large number” of doctors, scientists and mathematicians to consolidate the evidence.

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