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Trump lashes out at former National Security Adviser Bolton and calls him a “liar,” “a little crazy,” and “terrible.”

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has attacked this Monday against former National Security Adviser John Bolton on account of the publication of his book and has described him as “a liar”, “a little crazy” and “terrible”.

“He made it up … he’s a liar. I fired him,” Trump settled during an interview on CBN News, where in addition to attacking him personally, he also criticized his work in the White House.

“It was no use, just to bombard people. When people saw it, they knew he was a little crazy. And maybe it helped me negotiate good deals, frankly. But it was terrible. He had no personality. He had no warmth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy smile, “continued the American president.

In addition, referring to the book, ‘The Room Where It Happened’, he specifically stated that “he thinks he has a big problem.” “He is not going to be able to keep his money. I don’t think there is a possibility that he could keep that money,” he said.

It is not the only crossroads of allegations between Trump and Bolton. This Sunday, in an interview with ABC News, Bolton called Trump “ignorant and dangerous” and said he hoped he would be remembered as a single-term president. Previously, Trump, like other members of his Administration, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, had already branded him a liar.

The book, whose publication is currently in the midst of a legal battle, ensures, among other issues, that Trump asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to help him be re-elected in the November 3 elections. The manuscript appears to address Trump’s foreign policy and would come to confirm the pressure on the president for Ukraine, root of his ‘impeachment’.

Bolton also mentions the president’s relationship with others, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin or North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, and claims that Trump has “repeatedly” called for military options for Venezuela.

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