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Facebook withdraws several ads from the Trump campaign for using a symbol linked to the Nazis

The social network Facebook has withdrawn this Thursday several announcements from the campaign of US President Donald Trump, ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for November for violating “anti-hate” policies and containing a symbol linked to the Nazis.

The ads in question, which referred to what the Trump campaign has described as “dangerous extreme left groups” included an image of a face-down red triangle, similar to the one the Nazis used to distinguish political prisoners in the concentration camps.

The Anti-Defamation League has pointed out that the triangle is “practically identical to the one used then in the fields.” “We have withdrawn it because it violates anti-hate policy. Our policies prohibit the use of symbols used to identify political prisoners without offering a context that condemns their use,” Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman, told CNN.

These ads would target North American anti-fascist groups, which do not have a defined structure in the United States but are usually grouped under a logo made up of two flags, red and black, in homage to the Antifaschistische Aktion, the anti-fascist militant network in 1930s Germany. that inspired the movement.

In response to criticism of these messages before his withdrawal, the Trump campaign has claimed that the red triangle was “a symbol frequently used by Antifa,” which Trump considers declaring a terrorist group.

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