Gloria Estefan returns seven years later with ‘When there is love’

Gloria Estefan releases ‘When There Is Love’, the first single to follow from her highly anticipated studio album, ‘Brazil305’, to be released worldwide on August 13.

Being his first record production in seven years, this album will delight us with new versions of his most beloved hits fused with Brazilian rhythms.

“It is a musical celebration of the unique power of love in all its expressions. For this reason, we wanted to create a true fusion to demonstrate that power, and we chose Samba de Roda mixed with rhythms and instruments that sound throughout South America, especially in Colombia,” he says. .

And Gloria still adds: “Samba de Roda is a traditional Afro-Brazilian dance that was born as an informal meeting after Candomblé’s religious ceremony, with which he shares his percussion instruments.”

‘When there is love’ is authored by Emilio Estefan, along with Nicolás Tovar and Andrea López. This song is one of the four unpublished compositions that will be part of the album Brazil305, which was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, and Miami.

“In the ‘When There is Love’ video, we wanted to highlight the movements and singing of the beautiful Bahia people, who are important historical representatives of the Samba culture,” says the artist.


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