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The Pope denounces child exploitation: “We are all responsible”

The Pope has denounced the forms of “slavery and imprisonment” against minors “that causes physical and psychological suffering”, while he has insisted on the common responsibility of all society for child exploitation.

“We are all responsible for this,” the Pontiff warned during the general audience on Wednesday, referring to the World Day against the Exploitation of Child Labor to be held on June 12.

Francisco has urged the institutions to do everything possible to protect minors and to combat child slavery with all possible means, which, as he regretted, “deprives them of their childhood and threatens their integral development.” “Children are the future of the human family,” he concluded.

In his catechesis, the Pope has continued with his reflections on prayer when addressing the case of Jacob, the cunning one, who fought with God, until, wounded, he renews his heart, because “he who was previously ‘impervious’ to the Grace and mercy because of his presumption, God saved him from his straying and looked at him with tenderness. “

“That wounded Jacob, God blessed him and gave him a new name, making him enter his land with a renewed heart. Who previously was impervious to grace and mercy because of his presumption, God saved him from his loss and looked tenderly, “he noted.

Since the pandemic began in late February, the Pontiff has held the general audience, without the faithful, from the library of the Apostolic Palace and the Vatican broadcast it live. The Pope and the priests who translate the catechesis keep safety distances, but do not wear a mask.

The Pontiff has retaken part of his public agenda under strict security measures. Since the beginning of June, when Italy began to complete the de-escalation phase with the opening of commercial activities, Francis has celebrated the Angelus at the window of his private study at the Apostolic Library and with the presence of the faithful in Saint Peter’s Square.

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