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Apple works on the solution to take group selfies while maintaining social distance

The limitation in social interaction caused by measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic also affects the way in which people take group selfies, since they must maintain a safe distance, but Apple is already working on ‘software’ capable of gather everyone in the same photo even though they are not physically together.

The new software developed by Apple generates “a synthetic group selfi”, as indicated in the text of the patent granted to the company, from static photographs, video recordings or individual live broadcasts of the participants.

To do this, one of the users would initiate the capture in the application and could invite other contacts to show the group photo. The group selfie would be saved as a “multi-source object”, which would allow the user to modify the individual images as they wanted within the group. The end result could be sent to other users.

This ‘software’, as the company explains, simplifies the process of taking a group selfie, and that avoids having to organize several people in the same place to take the photo.

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