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Almost 600 healthcare workers have died in the US since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic

Nearly 600 US health workers in direct contact with coronavirus patients have died from the disease since the start of the pandemic, according to estimates by the British newspaper The Guardian’s Lost on the Frontline project and the Kaiser Health News (KHN) organization, based in San Francisco (USA).

The deceased include doctors, nursing professionals, and essential hospital employees, such as credentials or clerks.

Most of those identified are black or Asian people, according to estimates, far superior to those offered by the organization in charge of this type of balance, the Centers for Disease Control in the United States (CDC).

In fact, the institution, which numbers the deceased at 363, has recognized that the death toll is much higher than they estimate given the workload they have in other areas to control the disease.

Likewise, Lost on the Frontline also denounces the precariousness faced by health workers, forced to use garbage bags to protect themselves, with reusable masks.

All deaths have been confirmed by multiple sources, according to the portal.

Likewise, the initiative of both media aims to document other worrisome trends such as the lack of coordination between hospitals and administration when establishing safety minimums to protect themselves from infections.

It must be remembered that this balance only includes health workers exposed directly to the patient and not professionals who died after being infected by other causes.

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