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WHO urges respect for distancing also during protests

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recalled that also during the demonstrations certain guidelines must be respected, including distancing, to avoid that they may be a focus of coronavirus, with special concern about what may happen in the United States due to the marches in protest at the death of George Floyd, already extended to other parts of the world.

“Nothing is finished until the virus has disappeared from all over the world,” said a WHO spokeswoman, Margaret Harris, who recalled that the recommendations launched in recent months continue to be in force under all circumstances, including in protests. , since there is the possibility of a “second wave” of infections.

“The best precaution is to stay within a meter of other people, wash your hands, not touch your mouth, nose and eyes,” Harris said, according to the UN news center.

“We have seen, without a doubt, a lot of passion during this week, people who had the need to express their feelings, but we ask you to remember that you must protect yourself and others,” he warned. “Protect yourself while you express yourself,” he added.

Not surprisingly, the WHO spokeswoman has described as “very, very worrying” the rates of infections that exist throughout the Americas, where several countries have chained records of infections. The United States remains the country most affected by the pandemic worldwide, with almost 1.9 million cases and some 108,000 fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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