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The mayor of New York confirms the arrest of his daughter in the protests and does not rule out the curfew

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, confirmed on Monday that his daughter is one of the hundreds of detainees that have been held over the weekend in the city in the framework of the protests for the death of the African American George Floyd while he was detained last week in Minneapolis, assuring that she behaved “peacefully”.

Several media outlets, including the New York Post, had reported the arrest of Chiara de Blasio, 25, on Saturday night in Manhattan for blocking traffic on Broadway and refusing to withdraw as officers requested. Although De Blasio’s daughter gave the police officers the address of the mayor’s residence when she was detained, at no time did she appear as the mayor’s daughter, according to sources consulted by this means.

At a press conference on Monday, De Blasio said that his daughter told him “the story in detail” and that “he was acting peacefully.” “I love my daughter (…) she is a great human being,” stressed the mayor, defending that “the only thing he wants is to do good in the world” and “to see a more peaceful and better world”.

“I admire that he was out there trying to change something that he considers unjust and that he did it peacefully,” the New York mayor insisted, however, that his arrest was a “surprise.” Despite this, he added, “I respect my daughter.”

On the other hand, De Blasio has indicated that he plans to speak with the chief of New York Police as well as with the state governor, Andrew Coumo, about the possibility of imposing the curfew. “We have to see it as an option,” he said, according to CNN.

At a subsequent press conference, Cuomo has confirmed that he will speak with De Blasio about the introduction of the curfew. He also indicated that the state has prepared the National Guard to deploy it if necessary, although it has considered that New York “should have enough personnel” with the Police.

On the other hand, the mayor has also spoken about some of the events carried out by agents during the weekend in the repression of protests in the city, such as the police van that advanced towards the protesters or the agent who pointed his gun .

As for this latest event, he has maintained that it is “unacceptable” and has promised an “immediate” investigation. “That agent should have his gun and plate removed today,” de Blasio has defended, specifying that the investigation will determine “major consequences.”

As for the police vehicle that advanced towards a crowd, he said that it is also being investigated. “There is no situation in which a police vehicle must drive towards a crowd of protesters or New Yorkers of any kind. It is dangerous and unacceptable,” he said.

The first mayor of New York has defended that there are “some” police officers who should not be in the body as well as “there are some who use violence when they should not, who are disrespectful towards the people they serve, who harbor racism in their hearts”. “These people should not be in the Police and it is our job to get them out of there,” he stressed.

New York Police have reported Monday more than 200 arrests, mainly in Manhattan and Brooklyn, during the protests on Sunday night, which De Blasio has stressed were largely peaceful. In addition, at least seven officers have been injured and a dozen vehicles have been damaged during the protests.

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