Trump accuses vandalism of White House protesters and defends Secret Service response

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused the protesters gathered this past dawn before the White House to protest against police brutality and his administration of belonging to a professionally organized movement with the sole intention of wreaking havoc, and defended the performance of the Secret Service.

“Great work this past night from the Secret Service in the White House. They were not only professionals, but they kept a cool head. They allowed those ‘protesters’ to shout and get angry as much as they wanted,” the president announced in your Twitter account.

The protests in front of the White House have occurred amid the wave of marches and riots that have shaken the country after the death of the African-American citizen George Floyd last Monday in Minneapolis when he was in police custody and which led to the accusation of one of agents for murder in the third degree and murder in the second degree.

Trump applauded that the Secret Service “behaved professionally before those so-called ‘protesters’ who had very little to do with the memory of George Floyd.” “They were only there to cause problems,” said the president.

Next, the US president described how his personal guard behaved against protesters. “Every time someone crossed the line, they threw themselves at these people so hard that they did not know what had hit them. The (security) front was replaced by new agents as if by magic,” he explained.

Trump once again described the protesters as “a large, professionally organized crowd” before adding that “if someone had crossed the fence, they would have been greeted by the most vicious dogs and most intimidating weapons I have ever seen. There indeed they could have been gone very badly stopped “.

The president also related conversations with some Secret Service agents. “Many of them were waiting to take action: ‘We put the youngest ones in front, sir. They love it and it is good training,'” said the president.

Lastly, Trump reproached the mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser, for his lack of cooperation for not sending, according to the president, Police officers to protect the headquarters of the country’s Presidency. “He is always asking for money and help. He did not allow the D.C. Police to get involved. ‘It is not his job,'” Trump paraphrased the mayor before ironically riveting: “Very nice!”


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