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Trump says China could have stopped the coronavirus “if he wanted to”

US President Donald Trump said Sunday that China could have stopped the coronavirus by preventing it from leaving its borders “if it had wanted to.”

“Now it is something terrible and they could have stopped it if they wanted to. They could have stopped it. It was because of incompetence or because they did not want to, in any case it is unacceptable,” Trump said in an interview with the television program Full Measure, broadcast by several networks. Americans.

Trump recalled that “it came from China, whether we like it or not.” “It has reached the whole world, but it has not affected China much. They stopped the arrival of planes to China, but they did not stop the departure of their planes and traffic to the rest of the world, including the United States and Europe. And Europe is decimated. And look at what has happened around the world, 186 countries, “he argued.

At one point, interviewer Sharyl Attkisson has asked Trump how he felt when he was first told that the virus could kill millions of people, but the president focused on praising the Administration’s response to the pandemic.

“They told me about millions of people and they would have been millions of people if we had not closed the country … I imposed the ban and nobody believed that it would, literally nobody. I made the decision for myself and it was a great decision Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved, “he stressed.

Trump has also referred to the use of hydroxychloroquine in a preventive way to avoid getting it despite studies that warn of its risks: “Well, they have told me great things. Frankly, there are many people who believe that it has saved their lives,” riveted.

In the United States there are 1,635,192 confirmed cases of coronarivus, the first in the world list, while deaths are 97,495 and 361,239 people are cured, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore from official sources, since there is no official federal count.

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