The coronavirus pandemic is close to 275,000 deaths and four million infections worldwide

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan is about to exceed four million infections and has left almost 275,000 fatalities worldwide, according to the balance of the Johns Hopkins University.

According to data updated at 0830 hours this Saturday, the global balance of the coronavirus amounts to 3,939,281 cases and 274,932 fatalities in 187 countries and territories. The total number of people recovered amounts to 1.32 million people, a table led by the United States, with 198,993 people cured, followed by Germany, with 143,300 patients saved, and Spain, with 131,148.

One more day, the North American giant continues to be the most affected country in the world, both in infections and deaths, with a rate of daily growth of infections that this time has been above 28,000 positives, reaching a total of 1,283,929 cases and 77,180 fatalities.

Spain continues as the second country in number of cases, with 222,857 positives and 26,299 deaths, ahead of Italy, with 217,185 infected but with a higher number of fatalities, with a total of 30,201 deaths.

The United Kingdom, which dramatically increased its death toll last week after including those who lost their lives outside of hospitals, has registered to date 212,629 people infected and 31,316 deaths, surpassing Italy as the second country with the most deaths from coronavirus.

After the United Kingdom is Russia again, which this Friday rose to fifth overall position ahead of France and Germany. There, there are already records of 187,859 cases and 1,723 fatalities after several days of more than 10,000 daily infections.

France is in sixth place, with 176,202 people with coronaviruses and 26,233 deaths, ahead of Germany, which has 170,588 infected and 7,510 dead. Next comes Brazil, which surpasses Turkey with 146,894 infected people and exceeds the threshold of 10,000 fatalities, with 10,017 deaths. Turkey remains with 135,569 infected and 3,689 fatalities, ahead of Iran, which accumulates 104,691 positives and 6,541 deaths.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, remains in eleventh position, with 83,976 cases and 4,637 deaths. It is followed by Canada, which has 67,674 people with coronavirus and which accounts for 4,697 deaths from COVID-19, while Peru accumulates exceeds the threshold of 60,000 cases, with 61,847 infections and 1,714 deaths.

India registers a total of 59,765 positives and one step away from the 2,000 fatalities, with 1,986 provisional deaths, ahead of Belgium, with 52,011 cases and 8,521 deaths. Next, the Netherlands is above 40,000 positives, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Switzerland exceed 30,000 infections and Ecuador, Pakistan, Portugal, Chile, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, Belarus and Qatar already account for more than 20,000.

The United Arab Emirates, Israel, Austria, Japan, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, Denmark and Colombia exceed 10,000 infections.

Serbia and the Dominican Republic are above the 9,000 positive threshold, while South Africa, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Norway and Panama exceed 8,000 infections.

After Kuwait, the only country in the balance in the strip of 7,000 cases are Australia and Malaysia with more than 6,000 cases, ahead of the more than 5,000 positive registered in Finland, Morocco, Argentina and Algeria.


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