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The Pope asks for prayers for journalists: “In this time of pandemic they risk a lot”

The Pope has asked for prayers for the journalists of whom he said that “in this time of pandemic they risk a lot and the work is a lot” during the mass that he celebrated like every day at Casa Santa Marta, where he lives in the Vatican.

“Pray today for the men and women who work in the media. In this time of pandemic, they risk a lot and the work is a lot. May the Lord help them in this work of always transmitting the truth,” he asked in the Mass that has been broadcast live on the Vatican news portal ‘Vatican News’.

In his homily, Francis commented on the Gospel of the day and recalled that Jesus presents himself as the light that has come to the world “not to condemn, but to save it.” “From this derives the mission of Jesus, which is to illuminate: He is the light of the world. The mission of the apostles is also to bring this light, the light of Jesus, because the world is in darkness,” said the Pope.

In this way he has pointed out that the drama of the light of Jesus is that it was rejected since “his people did not welcome him” because “they loved darkness rather than light”. And he added: “This is also our drama, because sin makes us live in darkness and we do not like to see the light because it makes us see things as they are, makes us see the truth. Precisely the light of Jesus makes us see freedom and truth. “

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