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Trump insists he did “the right thing” and feels he “saved a million and a half lives”

Trump predicts the US will get a vaccine for Covid-19 by the end of 2020

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has reiterated this Sunday that he did “the right thing” by closing the border with China and has assured that he feels that he “saved a million and a half lives” thanks to his management of the crisis health caused by Covid-19.

President Trump has faced questions this Sunday by viewers of the US network Fox News, in a special program where he said that after closing the communication channels with China, he was described as “racist and xenophobic.”

“I did the right thing. We should not lose even one person for this. I have never seen such a death. I have never experienced anything like this,” the president of the United States responded when asked about his management.

Trump, who has claimed not to have received information about the pandemic until January 23, explained that he has lost “three friends” during the crisis and stressed that the disease especially attacks people with previous health problems.

The White House tenant has again defended the theory that the new coronavirus has been created in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, the original epicenter of the pandemic, and has accused Beijing of having made “a horrible mistake” and not wanting to admit it .

Given the possibility that Washington is undertaking economic sanctions against China, Trump has preferred not to venture, but he has said that it is “a very complicated game”, which could well be “poker” or “chess”, but “no checkers” .

In response to questions from Americans concerned about the economy, Trump has announced that “there is more aid to come,” that he does not plan to lose more jobs and has predicted that the United States will have “an incredible next year.”

Trump has announced that in two years, the United States “will cut very substantially” its debt of 25 trillion dollars, beginning to manufacture, for example, its own antibiotics, and thus not depend on China.

If they didn’t do it before, Trump has said, it was because the former presidents of the United States were “stupid” and “stupid” allowing that to happen.

Asked about the next protocols to be developed for testing the new coronavirus, the President of the United States has explained that this will depend on the state governments and has recognized that in places like New York “they will have to wear masks and practice social distancing during long time”.

In this sense, he explained that there are some states that, after being hit harder by the pandemic, will take longer to return to normal, but he pointed out that citizens can begin to go to public spaces, such as parks or beaches, respecting the distance. Social.

Trump, who is confident that the United States will achieve a vaccine by the end of this year, continues to defend the use of the controversial hydroxychloroquine, since he has claimed to have received several calls in recent days from people who claim to have been cured thanks to it.

The President of the United States has also not lost the opportunity to scourge the Democrats, whom he has accused of wanting “people not to improve,” if that means giving him some kind of “political achievement.”

The American magnate has also defended his attitude before the media, which he has accused of receiving him in a “hostile” manner at press conferences and who “could well be in the Democratic Party.”

“They come to me with questions that are embarrassing. If I was nice to them, they would take me off stage,” he said.

On the other hand, Trump has also defended the return to the churches against the social distancing measures that require limitations in this type of meeting, since not being able to go to these religious centers or to the job increases, the index said. of cases of suicide and addictions.

The United States is the country hardest hit by the new coronavirus pandemic, with more than 1.5 million infections, while the fatalities are close to 68,000. New York State is the epicenter of the crisis, with more than 320,000 positives and almost 25,000 deaths.

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