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The coronavirus leaves more than 200,000 dead and almost three million infected

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan will exceed three million infections worldwide in the next few hours after crossing, this Saturday, the threshold of the 200,000 deaths in the 185 countries of the world where the disease has been detected. .

According to the global balance of Johns Hopkins University updated this Sunday at 08:30, the pandemic already leaves 2,898,082 people infected and 203,025 fatalities. The total number of people healed amounts to 822,165, with Germany leading this table with 109,800 people recovered, followed by the United States, with 105,819.

The North American giant continues to be the country most affected by the coronavirus, both by number of cases and by number of deaths, with 939,235 people infected and 53,934 fatalities. New York State remains the epicenter of the pandemic, with approximately 20,000 deaths.

Spain remains the second country most affected by the pandemic and the most affected in Europe by number of infections, with a total of 223,759 infected people and 22,902 deaths, followed by Italy, which accounts for fewer infected people, 195,351, but more deaths, 26,384.

France remains in the fourth global position, with some 160,000 cases and 22,278 deaths, above Germany, which accumulates 155,513 infections and 5,805 fatalities. The United Kingdom remains the sixth most affected country with a total of 149,554 people infected and 20,380 deaths from coronavirus.

Turkey has overtaken Iran and China, the country of origin of the pandemic, and has more than 100,000 cases, with a total of 107,773 positives and 2,706 deaths, while the Islamic Republic has 89,328 positives and 5,650 fatalities.

China, for its part, has registered 83,909 infections and 4,636 deaths from the new coronavirus. Russia, for its part, ranks as the tenth most affected country, with 74,588 infected people and 681 deaths, compared to 59,324 infections and 4,057 deaths in Brazil. Canada has 45,493 infected people and 2,549 deaths, paired with Belgium, with 45,325 infections and 6,917 deaths.

The Netherlands then puts the balance at 37,384 people with coronavirus and 4,424 dead. Over 20,000 positives are Switzerland, India, Peru, Portugal, and Ecuador, followed by Ireland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Austria, Mexico, Japan, Chile, Pakistan, Singapore, Poland, South Korea, and Romania, that exceed 10,000 infections.

The UAE, Belarus and Qatar comprise over 9,000 cases, while Denmark, Indonesia and Ukraine already have over 8,000 positives. Norway, the Czech Republic, the Philippines account for more than 7,000 people infected with coronavirus.

Australia and Serbia exceed 6,000 people with coronaviruses, while the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Panama and Colombia have exceeded the threshold of 5,000 positives, ahead of Bangladesh, Finland, South Africa and Egypt, which number more than 4,000.

Above 3,000 infections are Morocco, Argentina, Luxembourg, Moldova and Algeria, while Thailand, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Greece, Hungary and Croatia account for more than 2,000 infected people.

Oman, Uzbekistan, Iceland, Iraq, Armenia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Cuba, Ghana, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Djibouti exceed the a thousand infections.

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