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Maradona: “The first match with people will be like when you see your girlfriend after a vacation”

The gymnastics and fencing coach La Plata, Diego Armando Maradona, was “calm” in this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus, convinced that they will “leave the relegation zone” if football resumes and assured that when play again with the public in the stands will be like when “you see your girlfriend after a month of vacation”.

Maradona, who remains confined to his home in Bella Vista, until May 10, as the Argentine Government has decreed, remains “at the foot of the canyon”, awaiting news and confident in the decisions made by the leaders of the Argentine Association. de Fútbol (AFA), as expressed this Saturday in a digital chat with the newspaper ‘El Día de La Plata’.

“With the work we were doing I had no doubts that we were going to leave the relegation zone, we still have to know what measures the AFA will take. So according to that, with the coaching staff we continue to plan at the foot of the canyon to be prepared to face any possible scenario, “said Maradona.

“The economy is not going to be the same, the leaders are going to have to work hard to get around this. Luckily we have great leaders in AFA who have no doubt that they will make the best decisions to help soccer. Chiqui Tapia is doing a great job I work in the Argentine Football Association, let’s not forget this and let’s all help them because we all came out of this together, “said the gymnastics coach.

In addition, the ‘fluff’ imagined how the first game will be when he meets the stands again. “The first match with people will be like when you see your girlfriend after a vacation. And when it comes to playing again, it’s a question I can’t answer, the only thing I hope is that it will be soon,” he wished.

“It is a rare situation that we have to live in the country and in the world due to this coronavirus pandemic, of course I am anxious to return to ‘Estancia Chica’ to work with my boys, the perfume of the pasture is unique,” he declared. Maradona.

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