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Trump orders Navy to “destroy” Iranian ships that “harass” US ships

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured that he has ordered the Navy to “destroy” Iranian ships that “harass” American ships, after the Armed Forces alerted last week of “dangerous” movements by of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The US Navy reported that several of its ships had repeatedly suffered “dangerous and harassing” approaches in the Persian Gulf, although the Revolutionary Guard called Washington’s version of “a Hollywood movie.”

Trump has fully entered the crossroads of reproaches with a message on Twitter. “I have ordered the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any Iranian gunboat if they harass our ships,” said the White House tenant as the only phrase.

The United States increased its presence in the Persian Gulf following the creation in November of a naval coalition after several attacks on oil tankers in the region. After the latest incident, the Ayatollah regime has again called for the withdrawal of US troops in the area.

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