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Paulina Rubio goes viral for an embarrassing live show

Paulina Rubio was one of the many participants in the One World: Together At Home macro-charity festival, which this Saturday raised $ 127.9 million against the coronavirus.

The Mexican made a connection from her home through Instagram to sing and send encouragement to everyone who was watching her, but ended up giving the right reasons to speak.

And it was that he did not spin his words well, he did not vocalize especially well and made strange movements such as going out of plane to lean on the table where the camera was, giving rise to speculation about whether he was snorting cocaine. That he immediately touched his nose repeatedly did not help either.

“I join this cause I stay in cause”, she began saying, already erratic, with her eyes made up with black shadow giving a certain emaciated appearance, and then releasing phrases like “help coronavirus … Very happy, excited … This is all new to all of us. “

He even sent an effusive greeting to Thalia, something puzzling for his fans, since the notorious enmity between the two great Mexican stars is known and comes from behind: “I send a kiss to Thalía, my lifelong companion, I send a kiss very big”.

After all this, Paulina set out to sing some of her most famous songs, but she couldn’t remember the lyrics of, for example, ‘Maybe, maybe’.

Shortly after finishing her live, the artist became a Trending topic on social networks. In response, she posted a video in which she laughed at her memorable performance herself. Always with a great sense of humor.

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