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Deaths from the coronavirus pandemic now exceed 70,000, with 1.3 million cases in total

United States 200,000 more cases than Spain, the second country with the highest number of infections worldwide

The coronavirus pandemic, which is already spreading in 183 countries, has left more than 70,000 deaths worldwide at the moment, while the number of infections is close to 1.3 million, after exceeding Thursday of last week the million threshold.

The United States, and particularly New York State, have become the new global epicenters of the pandemic. The North American country already has more than 337,000 infections and more than 9,600 deaths, of which a third correspond to the state of New York.

Italy continues to lead the list in terms of the number of deaths with more than 15,800, although in number of cases it has been overtaken by Spain, which has already reached 135,000, compared to almost 129,000 in the transalpine country. In Spain, the number of Covid-19 victims exceeds 13,000.

Germany, with more than 100,000 positives and more than 1,500 deaths, and France, with almost 94,000 infections and 8,000 fatalities, are the next countries in the list drawn up by Johns Hopkins University based on official data.

Both surpass China, origin of the disease, and where the pandemic seems to be contained after registering some 82,000 cases and more than 3,300 deaths. Iran, the most affected country in the Middle East, appears immediately after, with more than 58,000 positives and 3,700 deaths.

For its part, the United Kingdom is approaching 5,000 victims after accounting for more than 48,000 cases, including that of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was admitted on Sunday more than a week after publicly confirming that he had tested positive.

Turkey has maintained its progress in recent days and has registered 27,000 cases and at least 574 deaths, while Switzerland accumulates more than 21,000 positives and 715 deaths. Belgium is also listed above 20,000 positives (about 20,800), where more than 1,600 people have lost their lives.

The Netherlands has confirmed almost 18,000 infections, including 1,773 deaths, according to this list, which continues with Canada –about 16,000 positives and 281 deaths–, Austria –about 12,000 cases and 220 fatalities– Brazil –more of 11,200 sick and 487 deceased– and Portugal –about 11,300 positives and 295 victims–.

South Korea, which for a few weeks was the second country behind China in number of cases, has also crossed the threshold of 10,000 infections and accumulates at least 186 deaths. For its part, Israel has registered more than 8,600 patients and 51 fatalities.

Sweden (more than 6,800 cases and 401 deaths) is above Russia, which has exceeded the 6,000 infection threshold on Monday (about 6,300) and has confirmed at least 47 deaths. Australia (almost 5,800 sick and 40 victims) Norway (more than 5,700 positive and 73 deceased) have exceeded 5,000 cases.

Ireland is also approaching the 5,000 barrier, while above 4,000 are Denmark, the Czech Republic, Chile, India and Poland. Romania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Ecuador and Pakistan figure in the global balance above 3,000 cases.

In addition, Luxembourg, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Thailand, Finland and Mexico have already registered more than 2,000 positives, while Panama and Serbia are close to this threshold. The United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic, Greece, South Africa, Qatar, Argentina, Iceland, Colombia, Algeria, Ukraine, Singapore, Croatia, Egypt, Morocco, Estonia, New Zealand and Slovenia have exceeded a thousand.

The number of cured people exceeds 270,000 worldwide, of which more than 77,000 correspond to China, the country where the first cases were recorded and, therefore, the longest time since the outbreak was detected.

Spain, with some 40,000 recovered, appears next in the balance of cures, ahead of Germany (28,700), Iran (24,200), Italy (21,800), the United States (17,600), France (16,300), Switzerland (7,300) and South Korea (6,600).

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