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The Argentine president believes that “the hardest moment” will be the first fortnight of May

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, has warned this Saturday that “the hardest moment we will have to face” due to the coronavirus “will be the first fortnight of May,” according to the virologists’ instructions.

Fernández stressed that social isolation to mitigate the advance of the coronavirus “guarantees that all this hurts less, that is why it is so important to do it.” “If we release that, the risk is very great. That is why we have to be careful with planes, buses and all that,” Fernández said in statements to Radio Miter collected by the news agency Télam.

“We are doing very well with the quarantine, we cannot relax,” he said, noting that the government plans to end the quarantine next Sunday. “But it is day by day, you have to see how it evolves. Getting out of it has to be a very careful thing,” he warned.

“We never thought of expropriating the health system. We are asking that the private health system, if it has a free bed, provide it if it is missing from the public health system,” added Fernández on the design of the health operation.

As for the crowds of retirees in banks this Friday after the distribution according to the identity document for access to branches, Fernández has assured that “it will not happen again.” “The banking sector is going to work to pay the beneficiaries, Saturday, Sunday and next week,” he explained.

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