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The coronavirus pandemic exceeds 300,000 cases worldwide and leaves more than 13,000 deaths

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, in central China, has already caused more than 300,000 infections and more than 13,000 deaths, with Spain located as the fourth most affected country, with more than 25,000 cases.

According to the global balance updated to this Sunday by Johns Hopkins University, the pandemic of the new coronavirus has spread to 171 countries and territories, leaving behind an approximate total of 307,280 infections and 13,049 deaths. On the other hand, the number of people who have been cured of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, amounts to 92,378.

China remains the most affected country. The balance there so far leaves 81,348 people infected and 3,265 fatalities, with a total of 72,360 people cured. Italy continues in second position, with 53,768 infections, 4,285 fatalities and 6,072 medical discharges.

In the last hours, the United States has become the third country in the world by number of infected, with a total of 26,747, with 340 deaths and 176 discharges, followed by Spain, which registers 25,496 cases, 1,381 deaths and 2,125 recoveries, according to the Data updated at 08.30 this Sunday.

Then, in fifth place, is Germany, which already exceeds 20,000 infections (22,364). The country has only registered, for the moment, 84 deaths and the number of cured patients is 239. Pending the official data from Iran, which will appear throughout this morning, the Islamic Republic has confirmed 20,610 cases, 1,556 deceased and 7,635 discharges.

France accumulates a total of 14,485 cases of coronavirus, with 562 fatalities and twelve people recovered, followed by South Korea, which for several weeks became the country with the most infections in the world after China and which now has the outbreak in a situation almost controlled, with 8,897 positives, 102 deaths and 1,540 people cured.

Switzerland has 6,652 positive cases and 80 deaths, followed by the United Kingdom, with 5,067 cases and 234 deaths. The Netherlands, for its part, accumulates 3,640 positive cases, with 137 fatalities. Austria, with 3,021 infected people and eight fatalities, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal complete the list of European countries with more than a thousand infected people.

The rest of the countries with more than a thousand reported cases are already Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Brazil.

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