Ronaldinho, in pretrial detention for having entered Paraguay with false passports

The former player of FC Barcelona and Brazilian international Ronaldinho of Assis Moreira will remain in pretrial detention – up to a maximum period of six months – for having entered Paraguay, a country he attended for solidarity events of the ‘Angelic Fraternity’ foundation, with some alleged fake passports

Ronaldinho, who traveled with his brother Roberto, has been arrested for the second time after spending the night in the Asunción prison, and this Saturday the attorney general has ordered his arrest. “We are facing a serious punishable act because it attempted against the interests of the Republic of Paraguay,” Clara Ruiz told the media.

The former Brazilian player, who covered his hands with a blanket so that the wives were not seen, “meets all the requirements” so that he remains in prison. “There is a danger of escape, it has no roots in the country, it entered illegally and is staying illegally. That is why the court considered that it remains in prison,” the judge added.


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