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Maduro urges Venezuelans to have six children: “Give birth!”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has urged Venezuelan citizens to have six children to favor the “homeland”, widely above the current birth rate, which is around 2.2 children per woman, according to the World Bank .

Maduro has spearheaded the presentation of the Humanized Childbirth Plan, a system of courses that the president has even proposed to transmit on state television and through social networks. “We do not know how to use the mass media to massify our humanist philosophy and they do know how to get scared,” he said, in a veiled allusion to rival politicians and governments.

During the presentation of the new initiative, Maduro has exchanged a few words with a pregnant woman of her sixth child, something that the president celebrated especially, considering that “the most important thing the country has are its pregnant women.”

The president has proposed that the Humanized Childbirth be included in the educational curriculum, so that children and adolescents receive training in this regard in schools and institutes, according to state media.

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