Bad Bunny beats Rosalia on Spotify Spain

Bad Bunny unseats Rosalia and beats the record of listening to an album in one day on Spotify Spain

Bad Bunny already seemed to warn him in the lyrics of his song “<3”: “I don’t break records, I make him a broken one”. So, his latest release, ‘YHLQMDLG’, has just broken the record of listening to an album in a day on Spotify in Spain.

Specifically, the new work of the Puerto Rican artist has managed to reach more than 5.3 million reproductions in one day, a record that was previously in Rosalía’s possession.

Bad Bunny can also boast of having placed the 20 songs of his new album in the ‘Top 50 of Spain’. In fact, among the top ten of the ‘top’, there are “La Difícil”, “Ignorantes”, his collaboration with Sech, and “La Santa” with Daddy Yankee.

Other of his most listened to songs on the album to date are “Vete”, which has more than 227 million views on the platform, and “Si Veo a Tu Mamá”, according to Spotify data.

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