The Louvre Museum closes its doors for the coronavirus at the initiative of the staff

The Louvre Museum in Paris closed its doors this Sunday for an “informational meeting” on the coronavirus in which the management and representation of the art gallery staff participated, as they are concerned about the epidemic.

“Information meeting on the health situation related to COVID19 prevention measures following ministerial instructions transmitted by the competent authorities. Delays the opening of the Louvre on Sunday, March 1. The museum cannot open at this time,” said the Museum itself in your Twitter account.

The management of the museum would not have managed to convince the employees and “dispel their concerns,” explained a union representative of the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), Christian Galani. In total there are 300 employees who met in assembly on Sunday morning and voted “almost unanimously” to qualify for the right of withdrawal.

“The Louvre cannot open this Sunday, March 1,” the museum’s address said in a statement. The situation for Monday is still uncertain.

France has registered 100 confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus and is the second country in Europe by number of affected, after Italy. The authorities have imposed restrictions such as banning indoor meetings of more than 5,000 people to stop the spread.

“The Louvre is a closed space that welcomes more than 5,000 people a day. There is a real concern on the part of the staff,” Galani has argued.


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