Pete Buttigieg withdraws from the US presidential race for the Democratic Party

Democrat Pete Buttigieg has decided on Sunday to end his election campaign to be the next candidate of his party for the next 2020 White House elections, following the poor results obtained on Saturday in the South Carolina primary.

The youngest candidate of the Democratic Party, 38, had been mayor of the small town of South Bend, Indiana, which was not an obstacle for him to soon be placed as a favorite after reaping good results in opinion polls, and above all to achieve victory in the Iowa caucuses and be behind Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by a narrow margin

However, subsequent results in Nevada and South Carolina have caused Buttigieg, who broke taboos to declare himself openly gay, has chosen to abandon his career to the Presidency of the United States a few hours after the ‘super Tuesday’, in which up to 16 states will hold primary at the same time, including the two most populous, California and Texas.

Buttigieg has canceled his campaign acts in Dallas on Sunday and has flown back to South Bend, his hometown, where, according to his team sources cited by the US CNN, he will officially announce his withdrawal from the Democratic nomination.

“He believes that this is the best for the country, so that this nation can heal and thus defeat President Trump,” they have pointed out from his cabinet.

Veteran of the Afghanistan war and deeply religious, he obtained a fourth place in the primary schools of South Carolina, where he did not exceed 15 percent of the support, so he did not obtain any delegate.

To date, he remained in third place in the fight to be the next Democratic candidate for the White House, with 26 delegates, behind Sanders, with 58, and Joe Biden, with 50.


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