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Sanders is emerging as a winner in the Democratic primary in Nevada

Senator Bernie Sanders is emerging as the winner of the Democratic primary that took place this Saturday in the US state of Nevada, although official results continue to be delayed.

Although it has been more than four hours since the caucuses ended in Nevada, the official results have not yet been offered and the scrutiny goes by 27 percent, despite the fact that local media give Sanders a winner against the rest of rivals.

The delays are due to the new rules established for the caucuses after what happened in the Iowa primary, where there were failures in the transmission of data and in which the Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg ended with the victory, as reported by the ‘The New York Times’ newspaper.

So far, Sanders tops the Democratic list with 47 percent backs. Behind the senator, the former US vice president, Joe Biden, is 23 percent so far. Third place is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, with 14 percent, followed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, with 9 percent.

Sanders has said that a “multigenerational and multiracial coalition that will win not only in Nevada, but will sweep across the country, has just been formed.”

Nevada, which brings into play 36 delegates for the National Convention of the Democratic Party, has 19 percent of Latino voters – according to polls after the 2016 election – which makes it the first major test of the primaries to test with empirical data where this relevant social group leans.

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