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Bernie Sanders, head for the New Hampshire primary, according to a CNN survey

Bernie Sanders would be the winner of the presidential primaries of the Democratic Party scheduled for Tuesday in the state of New Hampshire, according to the survey prepared by the University of New Hampshire for CNN, which predicts 28 percent support for the senator from Vermont .

Sanders thus retains his favorite status against other rivals such as Pete Buttigieg (21 percent), Joe Biden (12 percent), Elizabeth Warren (9 percent), Amy Klobuchar (6 percent), Tulsi Gabbard (5 percent ) and Andrew Yang (4 percent).

The study reveals that Sanders’ advantage comes from those who claim to have already decided their vote, while among those who are still undecided is in a virtual tie with Buttigieg. By age, Sanders is a favorite among young people, while Buttigieg is the first choice among people 45 and older.

By political tendency, Buttigieg is the favorite among those defined as conservative or moderate, while Sanders has an advantage of more than 25 points among the self-proclaimed “liberals.”

In addition, 57 percent believe that Sanders will win the New Hampshire primary and has a seven-point advantage in answering the question of who he thinks will eventually be made with the Democratic nomination, three more in the last study.

Buttigieg gave the surprise at the Iowa caucuses, the first date on the Democratic Party’s primary calendar, virtually tying with Sanders. Buttigieg is the main ideological rival of former Vice President Biden, considered both centrist candidates.

The primary process began in Iowa on February 3 and the March 3 super Tuesday is marked on the calendar as a key date to clarify a large competition for the Democratic nomination, since primary events are held at the same time in 15 states. The candidate will be formally decided at the National Democratic Convention to be held July 13-15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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