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Parents can view the conversation history and shared images of their children in Messenger Kids

Facebook has introduced new privacy management features in the Messenger Kids app, which allow parents to view their children’s conversation history and recent contacts or the latest images they have shared.

With the introduction of the history of recent contacts and conversations, parents will be able to see who their children have been chatting with and the frequency of those conversations, in the last 30 days, as the company has reported in a statement.

Facebook has also included the possibility to see the images that the children have sent in the conversations or those that they have received. In this way, if parents consider a photo or video “not appropriate”, they can delete it and even report it.

Parents can also access a history of the actions their children have taken, such as blocked or unlocked contacts, or denounced messages or contacts. Likewise, parents will receive notifications in Messenger every time their children block or denounce someone, as they point out from the company.

In relation to blocked contacts, Facebook now allows children to unlock a contact on their own if they want to restart individual chats. In addition, children and their blocked contacts will remain visible to each other and remain in shared group chats, but messages cannot be sent to each other individually.

Facebook also introduces the possibility of downloading a copy of the account information of the children of Messenger Kids. This copy includes contacts, messages, videos and images. In this case, the children will be notified when their parents request this download.

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