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How to back up Google Drive to always have access to files

On Monday night Google Drive and all the accompanying applications such as Docs or Sheets stopped working for several hours making millions of users unable to access the files they have stored in this cloud storage service.

In order that if the service suffers a fall again, users can continue to work and access their files, even offline, there is the resource of the backup, which allows you to always have the files at hand.

To create a backup you can use a tool from Google Drive itself, which also synchronizes with the computer. The user will have to go to the Drive desktop page where there are two options, the Personal or Enterprise Drive. The user will have to select the first one and download the Backup and Synchronization application.

Once the ‘app’ is downloaded, the user will have to log in with their Google account. Then, the application will ask you what files you want to save on your device. Photos and videos can be saved in high resolution – although the file size will be reduced – in its original resolution or from Google Photos.

The next step allows you to select the synchronization of Google Drive files with a folder on your computer. The user will find only two options, ‘Synchronize all’, which synchronizes all the files saved in your Drive, or ‘Synchronize only these folders’, which you must select.

Once any of the options is selected, these files will be available when there is no connection for users to edit and once the connection is recovered, the changes will be automatically added to the file in Drive.

The user can also take advantage of another tool of this service. In any Drive file there is always a download option on the device, being able to choose between several formats. However, this option does not synchronize the files after changes are made.

To download all files saved in Drive, the other option is to use the Google Takeout tool. This function allows you to make a backup copy of all user contents stored in the Google account.

Takeout offers a table with all user data, of the various Google services, in which you can choose which ones to back up. For example, you can export uploaded images and videos to Street View, or bookmarks, settings and history of the Chrome browser.

Once this is done, you will only have to choose the frequency with which the export will be carried out and the type of file (.zip or .tgz) and its size (between 1 and 50GB). The user will receive a link in their email with a link to download the exported data.

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