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Trump’s personal lawyer calls Bolton “traitor” for his statements about Ukraine

Trump says that Bolton’s book is “fake” and that if I had heard him, the US would be in the “sixth world war”

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused him of being a “traitor” to the former National Security advisor John Bolton after it was known that in his next book he maintains that the US president linked the blockade of the military aid to Ukraine to the Kiev authorities to undertake to promote investigations into former US vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

In an interview with the CBS News television network, Giuliani has said that Bolton never complained about the efforts he was doing with the Ukrainian authorities. “He never told me: ‘I have a problem with what you are doing in Ukraine,'” said Giuliani, who Bolton places as the protagonist of a parallel diplomacy network to force Ukrainian authorities to investigate the Biden.

“Never, not once, not a wink. He never sent me a story. He is a personal friend, I thought so. Therefore, the only conclusion I have reached, which is hard and makes me feel bad, is that he is a traitor, “he said.

Giuliani has responded like this after being asked about the revelations of the book that Bolton plans to publish in March, in which he maintains that Trump told him that the blockade of the 391 million dollars of military aid to Ukraine was linked to the Ukrainian authorities committing themselves to investigate the democrats.

In the manuscript, as reported by ‘The New York Times’, Bolton says that there are several senior officials who are aware of the irregularities of the maneuvering of the president’s environment and who are trying to dissociate themselves from their campaign in Ukraine, with the example of the secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who, according to his version, ignored the campaign to discredit and cease the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

When asked why he accuses Bolton of treason, Giuliani has reaffirmed his accusation against the former United States National Security adviser, who was dismissed in September 2019 by Trump for his foreign policy discrepancies.

“If a friend complains about you behind your back and has no guts to talk to you face to face and tell you: ‘You are shitting it,’ then he is a traitor. He is the classic traitor,” said Giuliani, to whom the Democratic congressmen place as the main head of the parallel diplomacy network to force the Ukrainian authorities to launch an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden with the ultimate goal of harming the former vice president in the next presidential elections.

“I think this testimony about the president is quite close to the incredible,” Giuliani said, referring to Bolton’s version of Trump’s maneuvering in Ukraine. “I can’t imagine a US president telling him that,” he said, referring to the statement in which Bolton says it was Trump himself who confirmed the link of the military aid block to Ukraine to get it press Kiev to launch an investigation into the Biden.

The president of the United States has also reacted on Wednesday to the revelations of Bolton and has assured that his book is “dirty” and “false”, while he has denounced that if he had heard him when he was a National Security advisor, the United States would be now immersed in the “sixth world war”.

“If I had listened to him, we would be right now in the sixth world war and he comes out and immediately writes a dirty and fake book. Full of classified National Security material. Who would do this?” Trump said, from his personal account from Twitter

Trump has lashed out at Bolton for his mistakes and his political career and assured that he “begged” him to give him a position in the Government.

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