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Bolsonaro bets on a soap opera actress to lead the Brazilian Ministry of Culture

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has opted this Monday to deliver the Secretary of Culture to the soap opera actress Regina Duarte, after last week she ceased office of playwright Roberto Alvim for copying a speech by the head of Nazi propaganda, Joseph Goebbels

The leader of the extreme right explained on Monday that Duarte will give an official response on Wednesday, although government sources have told the Brazilian media that there are very high chances that the actress ends up accepting the position.

“I have committed to Regina Duarte. I committed myself to her. We had a fantastic conversation,” Bolsonaro said at the gates of the Palacio de la Alvorada, where he usually greets his followers every Monday and talks to the press.

Through a statement, the Government has indicated that “after a productive conversation with the president,” the Brazilian actress “will be in Brasilia next Wednesday to meet the Special Secretariat of Culture of the Federal Government.”

“We are committing ourselves”, were also the words of Duarte that has picked up the same text of the Presidency, after having met in Rio de Janeiro with Bolsonaro and the Minister of the Government Secretariat, Luiz Fernando Ramos.

Daughter of a retired Army lieutenant, the 72-year-old soap opera actress showed her support for Bolsonaro on several occasions and had even been tried to join the Government last year, but decided to refuse the invitation as he said, ” public management is a very complicated thing and a position like that of Culture much more “.

Duarte would come to replace the already ceased Secretary of Culture, who was struck last Friday after a video was issued the day before in which he paraphrased a speech by the head of the Nazi propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

While Alvim accused the left of lying on the basis of a “remote association” and a “rhetorical coincidence,” Bolsonaro chose to cease him by considering his words “unfortunate.”

When Bolsonaro assumed the position of president of Brazil last year he decided to dispense with the Ministry of Culture and add his powers to a special secretariat, which together with Sport, are part of the Citizenship portfolio.

The conservative leader promised during the electoral campaign a savings plan that consisted of shrinking the Administration with the reduction, among other things, of the ministries. Despite this, he endorsed 22, seven more of the fiancées, although seven less than those that existed at the time.

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