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José Luis Perales will receive the Honor Award of the I edition of the Odeon Awards of the music industry

José Luis Perales will receive the Honor Award of the first edition of the Oden Awards, which will be delivered by the Spanish music industry in a ceremony organized by Agedi that will take place on January 20 at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

The organizing committee of the awards has decided to award its prize of honor “to one of the greatest names of popular music” in Spanish, “for being the author of some of the most emblematic hymns of Spanish music”, “ambassador” of the Spanish culture and “referent in the popular memory of several generations”.

Perales, with more than 50 million records sold and more than a hundred gold and platinum records, is the author of more than 500 songs, including titles such as’ A sailboat called freedom ‘,’ And how is he ‘or’ Jealousy of my guitar ‘, as well as hits popularized by other artists such as Isabel Pantoja, Raphael, Miguel Bosé, Mocedades, Julio Iglesias, Rocío Jurado, Paloma San Basilio or Jeannette.

Also, the organization of the Odeon Awards has highlighted that Perales recently published his new work, ‘Looking in your eyes (Memories, Portraits and Lost Melodies)’, with which he obtained the Gold record. In addition, in 2020 he began his tour of farewell under the name ‘Ballads for a farewell’, which will start in Latin America in March and will cover the entire Spanish and American geography.

In the words of Luis Cobos, president of the Society of Artists (IEA), which sponsors this award, “José Luis Perales is already an icon of music and songs that are part of the history of music in Spain, America and others regions of the world. ” “He is a great composer and performer and enjoys the respect and admiration of artists and the public that has been following him for decades,” he says.

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