Al Pacino and his problems with fame after The Godfather

“I went to therapy five times a week for 25 years”

A young Al Pacino incarnated in 1972 Michael Corleone, the protagonist of The Godfather and the two continuations of the mythical trilogy of Francis Ford Coppola. A role for which he is still remembered but that, despite the joys he reported to the actor, also gave him a reputation with which he did not know how to deal: “I went to therapy five times a week for 25 years.”

This was explained by the interpreter in a Hollywood Reporter podcast, in which he pointed out that fame was something he had to learn to deal with: “It’s something big to get used to. I remember when Lee Strasberg told me: ‘Honey, just you have to adjust. ‘And you do it that way, but it’s not that simple. “

“I suffered a lot at that time, and went to therapy five days a week for 25 years,” confessed the actor, who during the eighties only appeared in five films: On the hunt, Author, author ‘, The price of power, revolution and melody of seduction. A decision motivated by his quest for tranquility: “I tried to distance myself from that path and all that, and it was good for me, I enjoyed it. But, as usual, the money runs out.”

After a successful career where he has featured in some mafia film classics such as The Price of Power or Trapped by his past, Al Pacino has returned to collaborate with Martin Scorsese playing Jimmy Hoffa in The Irish, the director’s new film. The film, available on Netflix, is nominated for five Golden Globes and has been the best film of 2019 for the National Board of Review and the New York Film Critics Circle.

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