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Pope criticizes “lukewarm” and “no consistency” Christians who “wash their hands” in the face of current challenges

The Pope has criticized the attitudes of “lukewarm” and “non-consistent” Christians who “wash their hands” in the face of current challenges while setting the example of those who “place” the homeless or those who smell “bad” in a “corner”, which he described as “dangerous” attitude.

“Not only did Pilate wash his hands; they also wash their hands: ‘We do not know.’ Do not enter the history of men, do not get involved in problems, do not fight to do good, do not fight to heal so many people that needs … Better not. Let’s not get dirty, “Francisco said.

The Pontiff has defined these attitudes as “hypocrites of educated” in allusion to those who “place people in a corner, because they are dirty people” or those who think “I in front of this I wash my hands because they are their affairs.”

The Pope has made these considerations during the homily of the Mass that he celebrated on Monday at the Santa Marta House in which he reflected on the passage of the Gospel of St. Matthew in which Jesus dialogues with the chief priests who ask him with what Authority teaches in the temple.

The bishop of Rome has stated that there are “many Christians wash their hands” in the face of the challenges of “culture”, “history” and of “people” today, as well as “smaller” challenges .

“How many times we feel the stingy Christian in front of a person who asks for alms and does not give it: ‘No, I do not give because they get drunk.’ They wash their hands. I do not want people to get drunk and I do not give alms. ‘But He doesn’t have to eat. ”“ His business: I don’t want to get drunk. ”We hear it so many times, so many times. Placing God in the corner and washing his hands are two dangerous attitudes, because it’s like challenging God. it would happen if the Lord placed us in the corner. We would never enter paradise. And what would happen if the Lord washed our hands with us? Poor things, “said the Pope.

Francisco has determined that these are the “attitudes of lukewarm Christians” and “without consistency” that place “in the corner of God” in thinking or “you do this to me or I will not go to a Church”. “And what does Jesus answer? Go and fix them,” the Pope warned.

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