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Sentenced to three years in prison the young man who caused another numerous cuts in the face with a bottle

The young man of Dominican origin E.J. de la N, author of the numerous cuts on the face that inflicted another countryman with a bottle of beer during a fight in a bar in Valladolid, has been sentenced to a three-year prison sentence.

It is the conviction that the defendant has agreed with the prosecutor, instead of the four and a half years to which he was initially exposed, during the appearance held Tuesday at the Audience of Valladolid, where the agreement reached has prevented the corresponding trial. .

E.J. of the N, which will have to enter prison, has been recognized author of a crime of injuries with use of dangerous instrument, in competition with another of injuries that cause deformity, which, in addition to the custodial penalty cited, must indemnify the victim with a total of 15,591 euros and Sacyl in the amount of 642.83 euros, as reported by Europa Press legal sources.

In the agreement that has prevented the conclusion of the trial, his opponent, MAC, also of Dominican origin, who has acknowledged the authorship of a crime of minor injuries – caused the right facial and costal contusion – and He has taken a fine of 120 euros.

Said defendant has appeared in the trial with the effects of the brawl still visible on his face in the form of numerous scars, product of the impact of the beer bottle.

The fight, for unspecified reasons, took place at 0330 hours on March 31, 2018 at the ‘Drink’ bar, located in Ostieros de Valladolid street, and four people participated in it, including those now condemned.

During the brawl, E.J. of the N. was made with a bottle of beer with which he clubbed MAC, causing numerous injuries and cuts in the facial region, with fractures of the bones of the nose, corneal ulcers … and other injuries that caused him a loss of visual acuity in the left eye, while leaving numerous scars on his face.

With respect to the other contestants in the brawl, it has been agreed to deduct testimony for their knowledge in a separate proceeding for a slight crime of injury.

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