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Vargas Llosa warns that López Obrador’s “populism” can lead Mexico to the “perfect dictatorship”

The Nobel Prize for Hispanic-Peruvian Literature Mario Vargas Llosa has warned that the “populism” of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador can lead Mexico back to the “perfect dictatorship.”

“Mexico was beginning to emerge from that perfect dictatorship, which in the end was not so perfect, it was quite imperfect for Mexicans and Mexicans. And I am very afraid that populism, which really looks like the ideology of the current president of Mexico, leads us again “Vargas Llosa said in an event held this Friday in Mexico City and collected by the newspaper ‘El Imparcial’.

Vargas Llosa has also referred to the “utopian model” of communism, which, he stressed, ended in “tragic” authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in several countries.

“Bad, I see it badly, I regret to say that I love Mexico very much, I have a lot of relationship with Mexico. I would like Mexico to play an absolutely fundamental role as the great country that is in Latin America and I am very afraid that this government is going backwards, “he has argued when asked about the situation in Mexico.

In his speech, Vargas Llosa has referred to the fall of the Berlin Wall and mentioned as examples of successful democracies in Latin America to Chile and Uruguay. In the first case, he acknowledged that a situation of social inequality may have been reached that led to the current protests, although in his opinion it remains an example of successful democracy.

In particular, the Nobel has rejected that the neoliberal model in Latin America and its democracies is a failure, and has stressed that rights and equal opportunities were forgotten in several cases, which resulted in the current demonstrations throughout America Latin

In response, the writer and wife of López Obrador, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, has posted a message on Twitter without mentioning the Nobel.

“I see certain writers who have won the Nobel Prize badly and I regret to say it because I love writers very much. I am very afraid that fanaticism and dogmatism, which seems the ideology of some, will lead us again to the perfect pamphleteer,” he said. .

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