Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. to hold a Press Conference to Make Announcement about LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival has become one of the most colorful, emblematic and signature events in downtown Orlando and provided the Puerto Rican community, the largest Hispanic population in Central Florida with more than 400,000 residents, an opportunity to celebrate their culture, heritage and contributions to the state of Florida.

As part of the organization’s diversity and inclusiveness mission, parade organizers will make a major announcement in a press conference that will help our growing LGBTQ+ community plays an important role in the planning process and have active participation at the next year’s parade and festivities. This initiative furthers the organization’s efforts in assuring that the Puerto Rican Parade and Festival become not only a cultural and family-oriented event but also a platform where we as a community celebrates our differences and fosters inclusion, equality, and acceptance.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
11:00 a.m.

The LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc. (The Center)
946 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Florida Puerto Rican Parade Board of Directors
Ralph Morales, Florida Puerto Rican Parade Chairperson
Vivian Rodriguez, LGBTQ+ Committee Chair
LGBTQ+ Committee Members

Free parking is available.

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. is a 501© (3) nonprofit organization that promotes the Puerto Rican community culture, heritage, and its contributions to the state of Florida through a colorful parade and festival, as well other festivities. The Puerto Rican Parade and Festival promotes the achievements made by Puerto Ricans in business, health, music, sciences, arts, and government. Puerto Ricans from throughout Florida cities and surrounding states are encouraged to attend. Friends and families of participants and spectators are encouraged to join us at this annual celebration next year which is destined to become a milestone event for families from across the region and Puerto Rico to get together.


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