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The Colonial City will be the first smart tourist destination in the Dominican Republic

In order to integrate new technologies in the tourism sector of the Colonial Zone, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the Tourist Cluster of Santo Domingo held the first forum on digital tourism with the theme “Colonial City, First Intelligent Destination RD”.

During the activity, headed by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García and the president of the Indotel, Nelson José Guillén Bello, the five pillars necessary for a city to be considered as an intelligent destination were addressed: technology, sustainability, innovation, governance and accessibility.

Guillén Bello stressed that the incorporation of our city in the list of creative cities in the world is a great push for national tourism and that it must go hand in hand, as is being done in many other cities, with digitalization.

“From INDOTEL we are working hard to promote these initiatives so that our city becomes the first digital destination in the country and by the hand of digital technologies we can show the world the best version of our beloved primate city of America,” he said.

He advocated launching the ideas that allow us to continue growing as a country, as a city and with which we can continue to offer more and better services to all who visit us.

On his side, the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García said that technology is a great instrument, part of the advancement of human knowledge that we will use to develop the Colonial Zone, after qualifying it as a treasure.

He stressed that all the presidents who come to the Dominican Republic the first thing they express is their desire to visit the Colonial City, as well as businessmen and investors.

After predicting the success of this project, Javier García invited Indotel and the institutions involved to work from now to identify the second and third smart destination that the country will have.

At the forum, held at the Indotel Espacio Digital Republic Center, in the Colonial City Enrique Lancis, an expert on Smart Tourist Destinations and Director of Innovation and Tourist Intelligence at Globaldit, was given the keynote address.

As a second presentation, the Mabrian Big Data platform for decision-making in smart tourist destinations was presented.
To continue, the panel on Innovation and Technology was developed with the participation of Zoraima Cuello, Vice Minister of the Presidency and Víctor Gómez: Vice Chancellor for Research and Linking, Intec; Armando García, General Director of the Presidential Office of Information Technology (OPTIC) and Mite Nishio, ICT expert.

Another panel on Accessibility and Sustainability was in charge of Claudia Franchesca, director INTRANT, Magino Corporán, director CONADIS and Architect Maribel Villalona, ​​director of Planning and Projects of MITUR.

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