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Robert De Niro will receive the honorary award of the American Actors Guild

Robert De Niro will be honored by the American Actors Guild with recognition throughout his career. The interpreter will receive the award during the 26th awards ceremony, which will take place on June 19 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

In a statement released Tuesday that echoed media such as Variety, the president of the Actors Guild Gabrielle Carteis has celebrated the recognition of the protagonist of ‘The Irish’: “Robert De Niro is an actor of extraordinary depth and skills” .

“The characters he creates captivate our imagination, from the hell of the young Vito Corleone to the bull Jake Lamotta or the grandfather for all Ben Whittaker, continues touching our hearts and opening our minds to new worlds of understanding and emotion,” the statement said. .

The actor himself thanked the award: “I have been a member of this union for 50 years. It is an honor to receive this award from the Actors Guild.” A recognition of the prolific career of one of the great film performers, who has played roles in such emblematic films as ‘The Godfather II’, ‘Wild Bull’, ‘Awakenings’, ‘The Cape of Fear’ or ‘Taxi Driver’.

De Niro has two Oscar awards for his roles in ‘The Godfather II’ and ‘Wild Bull’ in addition to numerous nominations for the American Academy Awards. The actor stars in ‘The Irishman’, the new and expected Martin Scorsese film that arrives on Netflix on November 30, after passing through some movie theaters, in which his face has been digitally rejuvenated with state-of-the-art technology.

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