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Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick joins the Democratic Party primaries

The former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced Thursday his candidacy for the Democratic Party primaries for the 2020 presidential elections, with a message in which he appealed to the need to guarantee the “American dream” for future generations.

Patrick has published a video in which he reviews his humble origins in Chicago and claims himself as an example of a capacity for progress that he now sees in danger. “For years I have seen that the road to this (American) dream has been gradually closing,” he lamented.

Thus, although he has said “admire” and “respect” the candidates who are already immersed in the primary schools, he considers that it is time to step forward and bet on a citizen-centered approach. Patrick warns that the upcoming elections do not revolve only around the expulsion of the “unpopular and divisive” leader from the White House.

The CBS, a chain that Patrick has been collaborating with since September, has already announced this Thursday the termination of the contract.

The campaign for the Democratic primary is already booming and several televised debates have been held, after which the list of favorites is still dominated by Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. The media have speculated in recent days with an impending candidacy of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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