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The US supports Añez as president of Bolivia and hopes that there will be elections “as soon as possible”

The United States Government has supported Jeanine Añez as “interim president” of Bolivia and has offered to collaborate with her to organize “as soon as possible” elections to turn the page to the current political crisis, marked by the resignation and exit of the country of the former president, Evo Morales.

“The acting president of Senate Añez has assumed the responsibility of being the interim constitutional president of Bolivia,” said the United States Deputy Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Michael G. Kozak, on Twitter.

“We want to work with her and with other civil authorities in Bolivia while organizing free and fair elections as soon as possible, in accordance with the Bolivian Constitution,” said Kozak.

Añez declared herself president of Bolivia on Tuesday, to cover the power vacuum derived from Morales’s resignation and other senior officials. The vice president of the Senate assumed power despite not having enough quorum in the Legislative Assembly for the boycott of the Movement to Socialism (MAS).

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