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The People’s Force swears to numerous members and leaves the Party established in Orlando

By Marcos A. Tejeda.-

Kissimmee, FL.- The new party The Force of the People presided over by Dr. Leonel Fernández swore on Saturday, November 2 in the city of Orlando to several members and supporters and left the team that will preside over the campaign work with a view to the next presidential elections of 2020.

The political meeting was led by sociologist and economist Rafael Camilo who detailed the historical steps that the party is taking in the conformation of La Fuerza Del Pueblo. “We are currently organizing the Party which has emerged very large. We are also working on the register of the register, ”he said.

The People’s Force with Leonel emerges as a slogan in the fight that Dr. Fernández sustained against the reform of the constitution that President Danilo Medina tried to make this year in order to seek a new postulation of his presidential candidacy. Upon leaving the PLD, the name The Force of the People was suggested and adapted as the name of the new Party.

To facilitate registration for the next elections, Dr. Fernández agreed to an alliance with the Dominican Workers Party (PTD), a left-wing party that served as a platform for the formation of the new party. Among the agreements was to change the name of the PTD to La Fuerza del Pueblo and launch Fernández as his presidential candidate.

In addition to the PTD, 5 other parties have proclaimed Dr. Fernández as their presidential candidate; These parties are made up of the PRSC, IDB, PUN, FNP and the PQD. The People’s Force is working to form a great alliance for the Congress with those 5 parties and the PRM and thus manage to dominate the Congress.

The idea among them is to support each other in different provinces. The PRM is expected to support La Fuerza del Pueblo in Barahona with candidate Noris Medina; In return, the LFP would support the PRM in Bahoruco. That PRM-LFP alliance comprises at least 20 provinces and goes in order to get a majority in the Senate. In the same way, there will be strategic alliances in the municipalities, although possibly on a smaller scale.

“These alliances go with the objective of changing the composition of the National Palace. That is the north of the People’s Force and that is why we are looking for alliances throughout the Opposition. The objective is to change the composition of the National Palace from next year, ”said Camilo.

With the force divided into three games, it is almost certain that there will be a second round and that is why the People’s Force and the PRM hope to support the party that makes a majority between them.

Rafael Camilo traveled to Orlando accompanied by a commission of leaders that included Manuel “Ney” Almanzar, former Consul in Miami and liaison of the Party between the country and Florida, Tomás Peña, State Coordinator, Levis Suriel, Overseas Deputy, Jacqueline Taveras , overseas candidate # 2, Aridio Genao, Eduardo Mayé, Alcides Vargas, among others. Daniel Mendez, in charge of the Orlando area, was the host of the event and said he was happy for the support and support given to the meeting.

Composition of the People’s Force in Florida

The political leader Aridio Genao left the composition of the People’s Force in Florida established, divided into 10 zones that will be headed as follows:

Zone 1 (Miami): Eduardo Mayé
Zone 2 (El Doral): Alcides Vargas
Zone 3 (Allapattah): Fidel Aquino
Zone 4 (Miami Garden): Aridio Genao
Zone 5 (Broward): Hector de Pena
Zone 6 (West Palm Beach): Leucaldio Sanchez
Zone 7 (Port St Lucie): Jose Abud
Zone 8 (Ft Myers): Joaquin Pujols
Zone 9 (Orlando): Daniel Mendez
Zone 10 (Tampa): Iván Grullón

Tomás Peña thanked the presence of those present and urged the new members to work hard for the conquest of power in 2020. Levis Suriel highlighted the merits of Dr. Fernández and also called for efforts to join the president’s candidacy of the Republic. Suriel said he left a party “of people who became violators of the principles, thinking, teaching and utopia of a thinker of the stature of Juan Bosch.”

Manuel Almanzar, who serves as a liaison for the party between the Dominican Republic and Florida, highlighted the efforts being made to bring Leonel to power and said there are only seven months left for the elections so work must be deepened to make the dreams of a country that seeks a greater balance in Dominican society.

De acuerdo a Camilo “el presidente Medina comenzó una campaña contra Leonel desde que llegó al palacio y tuvieron hasta el atrevimiento de llevarle a un narcotraficante para ir a cobrarle una supuesta deuda que Leonel tenía con él. Si llegan a eso, es lógico pensar que se hizo fraude para impedir que Leonel pasara. Ante esas circunstancias ya no se podía seguir en el partido”.

Además, acusó al presidente Medina de querer perpetrarse en el poder dando indicio de esto con la reforma del 2016 para luego buscar en el 2020 hacer otra reforma y postularse nuevamente. “Cuando Ud. no respeta el ordenamiento jurídico, que es la constitución de su país, Ud. lo está haciendo muy mal”, aseguró.


Camilo también acusó a los actuales funcionarios del Partido oficial de usar el estado para hacer negocios. “Esta gente está haciendo negocio con el Estado. Todos los funcionarios tienen una empresa desde que entraron al Estado; inclusive, hay sectores empresariales que tienen problemas con ellos porque le hacen competencia desleal y eso no es correcto. El estado no es para hacer negocio, ni personal ni como estado”.

Aridio Genao le tomó el juramento a un grupo de seguidores que se dieron cita en la ciudad de Kissimmee, cercana a Orlando y a una hora de Tampa. El lugar donde se escenificó este primer encuentro histórico y que sirvió de marco para dejar establecido el partido fue el Salón de Conferencia de La Plaza Miranda en Kissimmee, Florida.

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