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Congress will vote this week for the first time on the impeachment process against Trump

The Democratic Party of the United States will present this Tuesday in the House of Representatives the first legislative initiative to regulate the impeachment process or ‘impeachment’ against the president of the country, Donald Trump, which will lead this week to the first vote in Congress on The initiative.

The proposal will be presented by the member of the House of Representatives Jim McGovern, president of the Internal Rules Commission of the Chamber, with the intention of “guaranteeing transparency” of the process and “providing a clear path to advance” in the investigation.

The text of the resolution has not yet transpired, but it will be presented by McGovern himself in his Commission with the intention of voting throughout the same week, as reported by the Democratic spokeswoman in the House, Nancy Pelosi, in a letter referred to the congressmen of their formation. Democratic sources speculate even that the vote could take place on Thursday.

Democrats argue that a plenary vote is not necessary to investigate, as the Republicans and the White House request, but with the McGovern proposal clear guidelines on appearances, publication of witness transcripts and transfer of evidence to the Commission on Justice of the House of Representatives, which will be responsible for drafting and approving the articles of the ‘impeachment’.

Pelosi has also explained that the initiative “guarantees the right to due process of the president and his advisors.” “We take this step to eliminate any doubt that the Trump Administration can retain documentation, veto witnesses, ignore duly authorized requirements or continue obstructing the House of Representatives,” he argued in his letter.

After weeks of speculation over Trump’s interference in the investigation into the alleged Russian influence in the elections that led him to the White House, Pelosi announced in September the start of a preliminary process for a impeachment process against the president in the that crimes of abuse of power and obstruction of justice could be demonstrated.

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