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Penelope Cruz receives the Donostia Award from Bono, from U2

“Penelope is lost within others and that is why we get lost and we merge into you,” said the singer.

By Mirian San Martín.

SAN SEBASTIÁN.- Penelope Cruz has received the Donostia Prize on Friday, with which the San Sebastian Festival recognizes in its 67th edition the film career of the actress, from the leader of U2, Bono.

After delivering the award to the actress, Bono said that “not every actor has a fascinating story both on and off the screen” but has qualified that the Spanish has it. “The actors, the people of the show, sometimes we lose ourselves within ourselves, but Penelope is lost within the others and that is the reason we lose ourselves and we merge into you,” said the Irish singer.

The director of the San Sebastian Festival, José Luis Rebordinos, stressed that the Irish singer has attended the ceremony only to deliver this award to the actress, who has been visibly excited when the artist has appeared, with whom he has merged in a hug.

“It is not me who is going to give you the prize. There is a very special person who wanted to come here tonight and give it to him, he has come just for that. It is the surprise that we had prepared for you and the public,” said the director of the contest.

Penelope Cruz has thanked Bono in English, after confessing the “state of nerves” in which he felt at that time. “I love you, I love you, it means so much that you are here,” he said to Bono, his “friend”, who replied: “It is very difficult to do this, really.”

Next, Cruz has begun his speech highlighting that she was always a “great dreamer” and that her dreams were always two: “Become a mother and interpretation.” “As a child I was aware that daydreaming was the best way to invent a possible future, as long as luck accompanies me,” he said.

For the actress, “interpreting was always a necessity” and after the years her “love for the profession only grows.” As he stressed, “this trade gives moments in which the soul flies, in which you need to part with your ego to understand those fascinating lives and give each of them all the dignity they deserve, without judging them at any time.”

“It has been many years since that girl wondered if any of her dreams would come true,” said the actress, who stressed that “some of the most important ones have been fulfilled”, while being grateful their parents. “For never invalidating me,” he said.

She has also had words of thanks to Pedro Almodóvar, Bigas Luna and Fernando Trueba, and “all the directors” who have trusted her, and she has dedicated the award to her two children and her husband Javier Bardem. “He was also included in my dreams and is here with me,” he said.

During his speech, Penelope Cruz has also pointed out that his “main dream at this time” is to “take care” of all “this common home, which is the world.” “That those who are now children have plenty of reasons to continue dreaming,” he said.

In addition, he has dedicated the end of his speech to denounce gender violence and inequality because, as he pointed out, “cinema has to do with life.” “So far this year there are 44 women killed by gender violence and the fatalities since 2003 are more than a thousand in our country alone. How many will be in the world?”, Lamented the actress.

“I hope that when a woman finds the gigantic force that is needed to tell what is going on in such a situation, they will listen to it but that they will listen to it at first and not when it is too late,” Cruz concluded.

The interpreter has received a long ovation from the public who has attended the ceremony, held at the Kursaal, and which included, among others, the actors Javier and Carlos Bardem or the film director Fernando León de Aranoa.

Penelope Cruz has attended the award ceremony of this honorary prize with her hair collected and a white dress, the same color with which she attended the press conference this Friday at noon, and has thus become the actress Younger who collects this award.

Cruz is the fifth Spanish performer who has won the most important honorary prize at the San Sebastian Festival, after Fernando Fernán Gómez (1999), Paco Rabal (2001), Antonio Banderas (2008) and Carmen Maura (2013).

The actress has competed three times in the Official Section of this event: with ‘Everything is a lie’ (Álvaro Fernández Armero, 1994), ‘Volavérunt’ (Bigas Luna, 1999) and ‘Venuto al mondo’ (Born again, Sergio Castellito, 2012). In addition, he visited the San Sebastian festival for the last time to present ‘Loving Pablo’ (2017) with Javier Bardem at the closing of the Pearls section.

Penelope Cruz (Madrid, 1974) has received, among other awards, an Oscar and a Bafta for her role as best supporting actress for ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, by Woody Allen; and three Goya awards for his work on ‘The girl of your eyes, by Fernando Trueba; ‘Volver’, by Pedro Almodóvar; and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

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