FEMA reimburses Florida $ 3 million in Public Assistance grants

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— FEMA has approved $ 3,050,499 for the state of Florida to help 39 eligible applicants with reimbursement of debris collection costs, emergency protection measures, administrative expenses and permanent repairs due to Hurricane Michael Low the FEMA Public Assistance Program.
The FEMA Public Assistance grant program is an essential source of funding for communities recovering from a disaster or emergency declared by the federal government. The Florida Emergency Management Division (FDEM) works with FEMA during all phases of the PA program and reviews these projects before final approval by FEMA.
As of September 13, 2019, the entities eligible for awards are:
• Alligator Point Water Resources District – $ 269,394 for water service pipeline repairs
• Bay County Sheriff’s Office – $ 14,868 to replace damaged equipment in the tire and maintenance shop
• Bay County Transportation Planning Organization – $ 217,431 to cover the costs incurred in emergency protection measures / temporary office facilities
• Calhoun County – $ 19,188 to cover the roof repairs of the health department building
• Calvary Baptist Church of Chattahoochee – $ 5,182 for roof repairs of the education building and the church
• Chautauqua Charter School in Panama City – $ 120,911 for roof repairs and to replace portable buildings and damaged electrical poles
• Chipola College – $ 7,500 to remove and replace sidewalks and pavers
• City of Callaway – $ 391,413 to cover administration costs
• City of Lynn Haven – $ 107,914 to resolve emergency protection measures
• City of Madison – $ 11,976 to solve the collection of debris
• City of Marianna – $ 40,912 for repairs at the airport operations terminal and four hangars
• City of Parker – $ 12,578 to resolve emergency protection measures
• City of Port St. Joe – $ 4,540 to resolve emergency protection measures
• City of Quincy – $ 13,303 for bathroom / ticket repairs and the Investing In Our Youth building in Tanyard Creek Park and four buildings in the well field
• Forest Park United Methodist Church in Panama City – $ 14,642 to replace signs and lighting and parking poles
• Gulf County – $ 30,667 for private property debris removal
• Hiland Park United Methodist Church in Panama City – $ 4,614 to replace the church sign
• Holmes County School District – $ 8,214 replace food stocks in 11 schools
• Jackson County – $ 135,822 for repairs at the extension office of the farm complex and the County Court, as well as the contents of the Court
• Jackson County School District – $ 19,014 to resolve emergency protection measures
• Lake Mystic Baptist Church in Bristol – $ 32,838 for repairs to the sanctuary, the education building and the church meeting room
• Leon County – $ 40,115 to replace the pavilions, markers and perimeter fences at Canopy Oaks Park
• Liberty County – $ 38,879 for repairs to 10 county buildings, including administrative facilities of the highway department, scale house and landfill facilities
• Liberty County Sheriff’s Office – $ 4,422 to resolve emergency protection measures
• Northstar Church in Panama City – $ 4,039 to resolve emergency protection measures
• Northwest Florida Regional Housing Authority – $ 4,017 for repairs of 32 units and two single-family units in Blountstown
• Panacea Area Water System – $ 8,741 for repairs to two water storage tanks and the emergency water interconnection system between the Panacea and Sopchoppy pumping station, as well as to replace the security fence at two sites
• Panama City Beach – $ 703,365 to solve the collection of debris
• Panama City Fellowship Church of Praise – $ 500 to solve emergency protection measures
• St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Panama City – $ 228,022 to resolve emergency protection measures
• St. Luke AME Church in Malone – $ 15,883 to repair the covered patio and church building, as well as to replace the building contents
• Talquin Electric Cooperative – $ 42,807 to repair and / or remove / replace damaged fences at various wells and pumping stations
• City of Alford – $ 192,000 to solve the collection of debris
• Town of Altha – $ 11,019 for fire station repairs


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