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Windows 10 is installed on more than 900 million devices worldwide

Windows 10, the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, is currently installed on more than 900 million devices worldwide, one hundred million more than it had last March.

In the last twelve months, “more Windows 10 devices have been added than ever,” as Microsoft corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi has reported in a post on his Twitter account.

The figures shared last March by Microsoft reported that Windows 10 had exceeded 800 million devices, and six months later, it runs on more than 900 million, according to new company data.

The resistance of users to abandon older versions, especially Windows 7, has delayed the increase in Windows 10 users. However, the company began notifying the end of Windows 7 support last April, which will be effective January 14, 2020. By then, users must have moved to the software update.

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