Vaginal bleeding outside the cycle, swelling or pain of the pelvis and back, main symptoms of ovarian cancer

Vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, at menopause or during sexual intercourse, gut swelling, need to urinate more frequently and pain in the pelvis, abdomen or back, are some of the main symptoms of cancer of ovary, as reported by the president of the Spanish Ovarian Cancer Research Group and co-director of Medical Oncology at the University of Navarra Clinic, Antonio González.

“We need women to know the symptoms, which can sometimes be confused with digestive problems, to be able to detect it earlier when the treatment is most effective,” said the doctor on the occasion of the celebration, this Friday, of World Day Gynecological Cancer

In this sense, the expert has recommended, in addition to the periodic gynecological controls for the prevention of cervical cancer, to see a specialist if the woman experiences these symptoms continuously over time without being related to a specific cause.

“In most cases, these tumors cannot be prevented (except for cervical cancer through vaccines), so we are currently developing new treatments to address them, among which immunotherapy and inhibitors stand out. of PARP, a type of protein primarily involved in DNA repair and cell death, “he added.

At the same time, he continues, new forms of therapeutic approach are being developed, since at the moment the molecular profile of each woman can be known to choose the treatment that will be most effective in each case.

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